Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review : K43TA

Asus K43TA
Its AMD's Turn now

Asus K43TA

The Asus K43TA is one of the 1st AMD APU Notebooks from Asus offering an AMD Sabine A6 processor. 

AMD A6 Vision Logo

So why call it A6? Well basically AMD's naming convention is similar to Intel just replace "I" with "A" and add 1.

Intel Core i3 = AMD A4 + AMD Radeon + AMD Radeon® HD 6650M 1GB DDR3
Intel Core i5 = AMD A6 + AMD Radeon® HD 6720G2 1GB DDR3
Intel Core i7 = AMD A8

AMD A6 clocked at 1.4Ghz and has an AMD Radeon® HD 6720G2 with 1GB DDR3 supplies the best performance of AMD. Although people may get "off" in its 1.4Ghz clockspeed, don't underestimate as its already a Quad-Core

 Since before AMD's image are cheap but powerful processors. Although they improved their processors their price value is still the same.
The K43TA offers a different body materials from its streamline brother K43SJ. While the SJ has an Aluminium Body, the K43TA is plastic but has an Honeycomb texture.

Also the keyboard is the Wave keyboard of Asus instead of the Chiclet keyboad standard in most Asus notebook varieties. But as a K series, Altec Lansing speakers is a standard. 

The K43TA can handle most games today in fair settings, for example Crysis 2 is playable in advanced graphics settings. But when tuned to hardcore settings you will experience latency in commands already.

What's great about the K43TA is the price point, at projected price of 29,000 pesos. Its even cheaper than an i5 Sandy Bridge Notebook like the K43SV where its 32,995.

Equipped with standard notebook connectivity, 

  • 1 x USB 3.0 
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • HDMI v1.3 
  • VGA D-Sub Port
  • RJ-45 / LAN
  • 3.5mm Audio - In Port
  • DVD-RW Standard 

 Given AMD's new APU processors and Asus Technology, you're sure to have the latest power of AMD with no worries. 


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