Thursday, July 7, 2011

Asus N53SV Review

Asus N53SV Review

The Asus N53SV is the Multimedia Notebook of Asus, powered by an Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU it offers the latest processing power capabilities and backed up with the graphics processing by 1GB NVDIA GT 540M.

The N series of Asus is the next level from the K Series for the Mass market, it offers better audio and visual experience. The whole design of the N series is inspired by simplicity with performance. With its upgraded performance its not only ment for audio and videos but for gaming as well.

The speakers of the Asus N series is what sets it different from other notebooks, where its speakers are 4x larger than regular notebooks and made by Ice Power Bang & Olufsen. In regular terms the speakers can produce crystal clear music even in loud volumes. Honestly trying these speakers will make your other friend's notebook shy with their speakers. 

Backed up with the speakers is the Sonic Master sound technology where it process the sound via software to ensure that its clear. So its both enhanced in hardware and software for optimal audio experience. 

The notebook's built is good, it may be plastic but its made in good material plus its featured with brushed aluminum so it adds to the class in touching the notebook by giving it a smooth yet metallic like surface. The N series has the color combination of black and grey which symbolizes power yet simplicity, which is good where its the personality target of this notebook.

Asus changed the keyboard of the N series to Wave keyboard, where its previous version of the N series is the Chiclet keyboard. The keyboard is more appropriate and still ergonomic using the wave keyboard, where it matches with the look of the notebook itself. 

Playing games with the N53SV is really fulfilling where just using it with the speakers is already an upgrade in experience, plus with the latest processing and graphics, I was able to play games like Crysis 2, COD : Black Ops, Prototype with no problems at all. Of course in medium graphics settings, in high / hardcore setting I already encountered lower fps and even delay in commands. 

Asus also included video magic software where it enhances any 480p videos to become HD quality. Honestly this software isn't any good where it increases the color saturation and sharpness so it can be in a higher resolution, resulting to obvious changes that are not pleasant to the eyes. 

Battery life of this notebook isn't surprising nor impressive which is expected to an i7 notebook, honestly for a notebook with this specifications do not expect more than 3 hours of mobility cause for the technology now its currently rare to have those kind of achievements. But on my test I was able to get 2hours and 24 minutes of mobility while in High Performance. 

Overall the Asus N53SV is already one of the top of the line Notebooks today, even enhanced for multimedia experience its sure to fulfill the music junkies out there with its Ice Power speakers and Sonic Master sound technology.


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