Monday, July 9, 2012

[Review] : ASUS N56VZ

Entertainment Notebook Redefined

The new N6 series of ASUS is their new entertainment notebook that definitely defines entertainment without breaking the bank. 

Currently the N56 is one of the most in-demand notebook of ASUS, with its powerful specs, beautiful design, crystal clear speakers, powerful bass and gorgeous simple design. 


The N56VZ is the entertainment powerhouse of ASUS in the Philippines, its specialty is its superb display and audio quality. 

As the N56 is equipped with Bang & Olufsen, its capable of producing crystal clear sound without sacrificing bass. Also the N56 is now using an Magnesium Aluminum body where its now more better against body vibration.

ASUS highlighted that its easy to put big speakers in a notebook, but making it work with vibration sensitive parts such as HDD or I/O modules makes it very hard. That why they use Bang & Olufsen speakers for the best sound reproduction without sacrificing on weight, body quality or design. 

ASUS SonicMaster Technology
ASUS Introduced the SonicMaster technology last 2009 where it was primarily used in the NX90 notebook 

Since then, ASUS has created the image to use SonicMaster in their products. SonicMaster is a software of ASUS that enchances the speakers of a notebook to produce better range in treble and more bass without producing unwanted side effects in speakers. Probably the reason behind this is that ASUS wants to separate their brand in sharing technology and prove that they are better.

Example : SRS Surround sound is used by Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo and before ASUS.

Asides from the two powerful speakers of the N6 series, it also has a SonicMaster external subwoofer where its ideal in producing more bass. When used, its incomparable to any other audio special notebooks in replicating the sounds of the N6 series.

Software wise, the N6 series is equipped with a Full version of MaxxAudio software, it specifically tunes every aspect of your audio system for a customized audio experience.

In situation terms, the N56 can easily replace the any external speakers that cost around 1500 - 2500. Making you carry less and avoid the hassle of bringing additional items. 


The N6 series notebook is overhauled in design to deliver a more simple yet powerful package. The Touchpad is now three point touch enabled where it can do multiple command gestures to avoid using keyboard keys to much. 

Keyboard of the N6 is now back assembled as it promotes better travel distance, solid typing experience and especially the best feature of all, its now Backlit

Another feature is its Superior Display that provides wide viewing angle display with 350 nits of brightness. Plus the resolution of the N56 is now Full HD 1080p. 

As you can see the display is now also matte, making viewing videos more pleasurable especially movie watching with many friends.

Equipped with NVIDIA GT630M series graphics, the N56 is capable in playing high end games in the market today. Plus in a Full HD display, powerful speakers it makes your experience more enjoyable as you can really feel each and every bit of what is happening.

I definitely recommend the N56 Multimedia Notebook for anyone who has special requirements. With its powerful specifications, beautiful display, superior display and audio quality its perfect for people with professions. Audio Junkies, Graphic Artists, Video Editors or even just a hardcore gamer, the N56VZ definitely can fit the lifestyle of those entertainment hungry users

Plus having a price range of less that 50k, its bang for the buck as its the same performance as high end notebooks in 60k+ price and the best part is that it has better audio quality. 


  • CPU: 3rd generation Intel Core i5
  • Operating system: Windows 7 OS
  • Chipset: Intel HM76 Express
  • Memory: DDR3 4GB 1600MHz
  • Display: 15.6-inch 16:9 Full HD Wide Viewing Angle LED-backlit
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 630M with 2GB DDR3 memory
  • Storage: SATA 3Gb/s 750GB (7200rpm) 
  • Audio : ASUS SonicMaster + Bang & Olufsen Speakers

Estimated SRP : Php48,000 - Php50,000


  1. When will this be made available locally? Will the geforce gt 650m and full HD 1080p version be available as well? (n54vz-ds71)

    1. Sorry i meant N56VZ-DS71

  2. when will this be available? pls msg me at brand new

  3. Will this unit ever come out here?