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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Asus 1015PX Review

Asus 1015PX Review

    The Asus EEE 1015PX is the latest netbook of Asus, powered by the Intel Atom N570 processor. It offers a faster cloud computing experience as well as enhanced usage experience with its new seashell design revision.  

The keyboard of the 1015PX changed where its from a full flat level before now they keyboard or should I say the body panel itself shifted a bit more downward to make the keyboard look like its raised and pops out from the body itself. 

The touchpad also changed where its now a seamless smooth panel, not like before it has graded texture that you can feel. But now the touchpad is also bigger than the previous version. 

The EEE Seashell design of the 1015PX is more defined where the plastic surface is Matt, not like before its glossy. Giving more detail to the curves and bevel of the netbook. 


Basically the 1015PX is advertised as 25+% faster than the N450 processor, in my test the 1015PX does gives more punch than the previous netbooks. But still don't expect too much in increase in performance. In my estimations the upgraded processor can give around 4-5 more internet tabs as well as opening another application at the same time.

With the rating of 2.8, the 1015PX is a very good cloud computing tool to do some MS office work, internet browsing, Social Networking as well as some music and 480p video playing. Although today its the trend of HD capable devices the 1015PX is still not that strong enough to play 1080p videos especially when its via youtube cause you will encounter jumps in playing, as for 720p contents its quite capable in playing but only when few applications are opened. 

The 1015PX is built for people who are on the go, where cloud computing is essential since they can access their file via online or just surf on the go. The portability of the 1015PX, with the compatibility to be used with mobile broadbands is the ideal situation where the 1015PX is best at.

Speakers of the 1015PX is still the same as the previous seashell netbooks where its still powered by SRS. Overall the speakers can kick but not that clear when in high volumes

Battery Life

The 1015PX claims up to 11 hours of mobility, of course here in the Philippines its obvious that we don't use our LCD brightness in 30% and run on power saving all of the time. In my test, I used the Auto-High Performance of the Super Hybrid Engine of the 1015PX, it is where it controls automatically the CPU when you need more power.
In my test I got a total of 7 hours and 44 minutes using the Wi-Fi on, surfing for youtube videos and SNS at the same time. 


  • Battery Saving Mode - Auto Power Saving
  • LCD Brightness - 40%
  • Wi-Fi On
  • Bluetooth Off
  • Using Earphones

The Asus 1015PX is a very good netbook as its now capable in playing 720p videos, upgrading the multimedia experience of the consumers. Even though its not 1080p its not that significant since the resolution of the 1015PX can't reach 1920x1080.

Overall the 1015PX is an outright perfect mobile companion, suitable for the everyday on the go persons. 

Asus N53SV Review

Asus N53SV Review

The Asus N53SV is the Multimedia Notebook of Asus, powered by an Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU it offers the latest processing power capabilities and backed up with the graphics processing by 1GB NVDIA GT 540M.

The N series of Asus is the next level from the K Series for the Mass market, it offers better audio and visual experience. The whole design of the N series is inspired by simplicity with performance. With its upgraded performance its not only ment for audio and videos but for gaming as well.

The speakers of the Asus N series is what sets it different from other notebooks, where its speakers are 4x larger than regular notebooks and made by Ice Power Bang & Olufsen. In regular terms the speakers can produce crystal clear music even in loud volumes. Honestly trying these speakers will make your other friend's notebook shy with their speakers. 

Backed up with the speakers is the Sonic Master sound technology where it process the sound via software to ensure that its clear. So its both enhanced in hardware and software for optimal audio experience. 

The notebook's built is good, it may be plastic but its made in good material plus its featured with brushed aluminum so it adds to the class in touching the notebook by giving it a smooth yet metallic like surface. The N series has the color combination of black and grey which symbolizes power yet simplicity, which is good where its the personality target of this notebook.

Asus changed the keyboard of the N series to Wave keyboard, where its previous version of the N series is the Chiclet keyboard. The keyboard is more appropriate and still ergonomic using the wave keyboard, where it matches with the look of the notebook itself. 

Playing games with the N53SV is really fulfilling where just using it with the speakers is already an upgrade in experience, plus with the latest processing and graphics, I was able to play games like Crysis 2, COD : Black Ops, Prototype with no problems at all. Of course in medium graphics settings, in high / hardcore setting I already encountered lower fps and even delay in commands. 

Asus also included video magic software where it enhances any 480p videos to become HD quality. Honestly this software isn't any good where it increases the color saturation and sharpness so it can be in a higher resolution, resulting to obvious changes that are not pleasant to the eyes. 

Battery life of this notebook isn't surprising nor impressive which is expected to an i7 notebook, honestly for a notebook with this specifications do not expect more than 3 hours of mobility cause for the technology now its currently rare to have those kind of achievements. But on my test I was able to get 2hours and 24 minutes of mobility while in High Performance. 

Overall the Asus N53SV is already one of the top of the line Notebooks today, even enhanced for multimedia experience its sure to fulfill the music junkies out there with its Ice Power speakers and Sonic Master sound technology.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Asus EEE Pad Transformer Review Part 3 - Pad & Dock

Asus EEE Pad Transformer Review Part 3 - Pad & Dock

    The Asus EEE Pad Transformer indeed transformed CES 2011 when they introduced it, although they did not win the CES 2011 Best Show Award against the Motorola Xoom the transformer made some good impressions as it has the Mobile Dock where its a Physical Keyboard with I/O ports and extra battery for mobility. Asus introduced the EEE Pad Transformer as an Tablet that transforms to an netbook. The concept was to ease consumer in transitioning from netbook/notebook to tablets plus still giving them mobility and option in what kind of Mobility they want.

       Since I discussed mostly on the performance of the tablet in my 1st part of the review ( EEE Pad Transformer Part 1 Review ), this review will feature the pros & cons of the Mobile Dock itself.


Physical Keyboard - They physical keyboard itself is a great advantage in typing where honestly in long duration typing on a touchscreen will surely make your fingers sore. 

Touch Pad - You might ask, "Why do I need a touchpad when the tablet is already touchscreen?" The answer to that is, touchscreen is good but not precisely accurate, the touchpad is good when hitting the in between of words in editing or selecting a portion of an image where touchscreen may cause inaccuracy. 

Overall the Bronze and black color combination stands out that the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is not an ordinary tablet. The Mobile dock offers 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 SD Card reader for additional data transferring, its build is solid and has a metal 1st layer on its most common areas such as the mobile dock itself and the sides of the tablet itself.
Additional Battery - The additional battery on the mobile dock itself charges the tablet when connected, giving the tablet up to 7 hours of additional mobility thus you can have up to 16 hours of mobility in total. 

Why do I need the Mobile Dock? - This is the main question, overall the tablet can perform well without the Mobile Dock thus making it optional, but Asus introduced the Mobile Dock mainly for the easy transition of consumers from Notebook / Netbook to Tablets. Where you don't have to sacrifice the physical keyboard which is still more productive than typing on a on-screen keyboard. Plus the additional battery gives you the advantage over other tablets in the market today in terms of mobility duration. 


Additional item to carry arround? - It is true that you have to carry a keyboard so to speak when you want to attach it to the dock, but that is why its optional, you just need to bring it when you need it. But just like a netbook the keyboard dock merely weights just like a notebook adaptor so its just like the same thing. 

Widest tablet - The transformer's shape is sought after an netbook, so Asus designed the transformer to be as big as an netbook. To date the EEE Pad transformer is the widest tablet in the market, this is because it needs to be in the same size of the mobile dock so if it's attached at closed its like a netbook. 

No USB 2.0 Slot? - Unfortunately the Transformer Pad itself rather its in the Mobile Dock so unless you have the Mobile Dock you can't use USB Devices for Mass Storage or put a hardware interface device such as a keyboard or mouse. 3G mobile dongles are NOT legally compatible with Honeycomb 3.1 OS.

Why don't I just buy a netbook instead? - Its a tablet that can be transformed into a netbook. Asus made the mobile dock to make it an additional feature to become a netbook, currently in the market touchscreen netbooks are ever more expensive than a tablet so why sacrifice price when you can have both at the same price? 

Also its OPTIONAL, not an obligation accessory where its needed to run the EEE Pad itself, its just an highlighted feature that the transformer has that the other brands doesn't, which is your main advantage to this product. 

Overall the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is already one of the capable tablets in the market featuring the main advantage over the others is the Mobile dock which has the additional battery.