Monday, July 9, 2012

[Review] : ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A
The Prime Ultrabook

ASUS introduced the Zenbook as early as Computex 2011 where its the new form factor inspired by Intel. The 1st generation Zenbook claimed many awards for its approach of a slim, powerful and beautiful PC where it fulfilled the role of being the "Zen" or balance of Beauty and Performance.

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What makes the new Zenbook Prime? 

1st of all, ASUS is proud to announce that the Zenbook Prime is the World's 1st Notebook equipped with FULL HD IPS Panel. Meaning both 11.67" and 13.3" variants are using IPS Panels for accurate and vivid display visuals and FULL HD resolution for optimal PC experience. 

So its FULL HD / IPS Panel + SSD + Backlit Keyboard = Zenbook Prime

Basically ASUS kept the same look for the Zenbook but made a lot of improvements in the inside. 
Let's talk about it more now.
Backlit Keyboard

When the 1st Zenbook was out, a lot of people complained about that it doesn't have backlit keyboard. Now the new Zenbook Prime now has one, they even improved the travel distance of the keys in the Zenbook Prime which is the primary complaint for Ultrabooks due to their slim form factor. 


The speakers of the Zenbook Prime is still the Same Bang & Olufsen ICEpower  but the Prime got improvements by changing the speaker channel directly below. Making the Prime have a more clear and direct speaker experience. 


Zenbook Prime UX31A Upclose Photo

Pixel Density 
UX31A - 165.63 Pixels Per Inch
UX21A - 189.00 Pixels Per Inch

Zenbook Prime Matte Screen 
You can still actually see pixels but the quality of the Display is phenomenal as you won't really look at it upclose. Since the display is IPS, it can give the widest viewing angle available, plus the addition is that ASUS uses 3M matte finish on the display so there will be a lot less of those glare especially outdoors.

As of now the Zenbook Prime is still the only one with IPS Panel and Full HD Resolution in an Ultrabook, making it the top choice for an Ultrabook. As other manufacturers announce their new ultrabooks, they can't still beat or even match the FULL HD resolution of the Zenbook Prime. As far as the competition goes, they can only deliver up to 1600 x 900 in resolution.

Zenbook Looks?

The Zenbook Prime still looks the same, but ASUS improved the metallic spun finish by making it even a more hairline thin finish thus creating a more smooth yet more louring finish for better light reflection. 

A Roll of scotch tape is even taller than the Zenbook Prime
 Left Side Ports : USB 3.0, 3.5mm Audio-In Jack and SD Card Reader

Zenbook Prime right side ports
Right Side Ports : Mini-VGA, Micro HDMI, USB 3.0 Port and AC Adapter

Don't worry about connecting to projectors as the Zenbook has a bundled adapter for the Mini VGA for free, also a USB Lan for those rare Lan Moments. 


Zenbook Prime Windows Experience Index

The Zenbook Prime is now upgraded to the new Ivy Bridge processors of Intel, with the Core i7 to be shipped here in the Philippines. A lot of users are sure to be happy aiming for the prime specs of them all.

The Zenbook Prime achieved a lowest of 5.1 for graphics in windows aero but for the rest, it achieved remarkably.

Calculations per second - 7.1
Memory Operations per second - 5.9
Desktop Performance for Windows Aero - 5.1 
3D business and gaming graphics - 6.2
Disk Data Transfer Rate - 7.5

SSD Performance is now even faster as the Prime is also using the latest SSD Sata III and combined with Raid 0 technology for an even faster sequential read and write. 

Graphics wise, this is where the new Ivy bridge steps a notch with the new Intel HD 4000 graphics. Its capable in running games such as Diablo 3, Batman Arkham City, Battle Field without setting it to the lowest possible settings, thus more gaming quality. 


The new Zenbook Prime definitely brings up the Ultrabook competition up a notch, while other manufacturers are improving their durability by using carbon body or gorilla glass technology, ASUS on the other hand focused in improving the customer experience by providing a more user adaptive features.

With the inclusion of the new FULL HD / IPS panel, the Prime now opened the doors for professionals such as Graphic Artists, Fashion Designers or even Video Editors to consider having an Ultrabook for their profession.

Zenbook Prime UX31A in the Philippines is Php69,995

It will be available by the 2nd week of July

  • Intel Core i7-3517 1.90Ghz up to 2.40Ghz with Turbo Boost
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 13.3" FULL HD 1920 x 1080 IPS Display
  • Bang & Olufsen Speaker
  • Full Aluminum Body 3mm at the Front and 9mm at the Back

Overall you can say that all of the complaints in the 1st Zenbook was addressed now in the Zenbook Prime. Making it now the Prime Ultrabook of them all. 


  1. Hello! I've been following the release of this laptop for about a month now. When can we expect it in the Philippines?

    1. Hi!

      The Zenbook UX31A is expected to show up in dealers next week. as of now its in the process of permits with NTC and government taxes.

  2. where can one buy the asus zenbook prime UX31A? i have been to SM north and Megamall and they do not have it in stock. please advise