Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MX279H Borderless Monitor

Some say that the 27 is the new 24-inch for monitors. While some may argue otherwise, they might think twice after seeing a beautiful monitor like the ASUS MX279H that we will be looking at today.

 This lovely piece of technology features a frameless design that helps to maximize the AH-IPS panel. Do take note that a ‘frameless design’ does not mean full edge-to-edge picture view. For this monitor, it simply means that the traditional bezel (frame) that you see in most monitors is smoothed is smoothed out (and for this monitor, cut down to a slim 1cm) under a single pane of glass-like material to create the illusion of a flat seamless panel. 

The MX279H utilizes an AH-IPS panel where AH stands for ‘Advanced High Performance’. It is the latest development in IPS display technology that consumes even less power and provides enhanced color reproduction. Out of the box, colors are definitely vibrant and well saturated. However, we noticed that the display was banked slightly on the red spectrum as evidenced by the reddish complexion of skin tone when we played a 1080p HD copy of The Avengers movie. Lowering Saturation from 50 to 30 achieved a more natural color mix.

As for the monitor’s performance in the entertainment portion, it was a joy to watch an HD copy of The Avengers on its beautiful panel. The colors were vibrant and the panel was able to reproduce action scenes nicely with little to no clipping at all. The ‘borderless’ design also helped to enhance the experience as it made us feel more immersed into the movie that simply watching it through a ‘window’ like what some may feel on an LCD display with the traditional prominent frame.

A number of other features also come packaged with the MX279H which help to define the target usage of this particular monitor. Aside from its sleek and minimalistic design philosophy that makes it perfect as an add-on to beautify your living space, it includes functions that are normally found on the more professional ProArt Series like the Quick Fit Virtual Scale. This feature, when activated, overlays a grid line that corresponds to the actual measurements of different paper sizes. For professionals who work with photo editing and page lay-outing this is a very useful feature as it gives the artist a preview of how the finished product will look when printed on paper.

Overall, the MX279H is a very nice product. It’s sleek design and beautiful panel goes hand-in-hand to add a certain flair to the modern living space, as well as feed the multimedia needs of the modern consumer.

Monitor controls are touch-based through a set of pseudo-buttons underneathe the bottom frame.

 The default display cable is an HDMI-DVI connector with a DVI-HDMI adapter.

Ports available are 2x HDMI, VGA, audio in for the speakers and audio out for headphones.

Side ports for the onboard speakers.

Possible extra ports for the speakers which are found underneathe the panel.

While not perfectly flat, the back side has a curved design. Unfortunately, it has no provision for wall mounting.

The base is inspired by a sundial design with the stand being the arrow of the sun dial.


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