Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Asus EEE Pad Transformer Review Part 2 - Mobile Dock Only

Asus EEE Pad Transformer Review Part 2 - Mobile Dock Only

The Asus EEE Pad Transformer Mobile Dock is the significant half of the Transformer itself, it provides users with additional 7 hours of battery life with its battery. Additional connectivity such as 2 pieces of Standard USB 2.0, a SD card reader and fuctionality by providing a keyboard same as the EEE PC's Chiclet keyboard and a multi-touch pad. 

 The build of the mobile dock is very good, its provided with a top aluminum body so you can feel its sturdy but still sleek looking. The weight of the keyboard is a bit heavier than the tablet itself but still when combined it only weights 680g. Still lighter than an average Netbook in the market today

 This is what it looks like when its connected with the EEE Pad

 SD Card Slot
 USB 2.0 Hatch, One on the left one on the right

 Top view of the Mobile Dock

Closer look at the latches of the Mobile Dock

The latch to conenct the EEE Pad Transformer to the Mobile Dock are two clamps that easily locks when the transformer is inserted firmly. As seen in the picture  below the sliding sliver bar is the trigger to release the tab from the mobile dock. While connected to the mobile dock, the tablet will enter in charging mode.

While the pad is connected to the Mobile Dock, its possible to charge both devices though the same port but this time in the Mobile itself, located at the upper left side of the Mobile Dock. 

The bottom of the Mobile Dock is exactly like the EEE Pad Transformer with its graded texture, so it matches the Pad itself. The only difference is the rubber stoppers in the four corners of the dock as commonly seen in Notebooks and Netbooks.

The Mobile Dock is the "N+1" concept of the EEE Pad Transformer where Asus aims to make ease for consumers to switch to tablets or still having the best of both worlds by having this optional item. Personally I have to agree since its hard to type in long duration using an on-screen touch screen keyboard, the physical keyboard is still better, plus with the added battery life of the mobile dock itself is already a big advantage over other brands. 

Overall with the SRP of the Mobile Dock of Php 7,000. Its an item worth having since it will literally TRANSFORM your tablet to a 2 in 1 Device. Plus the additional mobility time, connection and user convenience results to a more pleasant Pad experience.


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