Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Review] : Asus X101 and X101H

     Asus Recently launched in Computex 2011 Taipei Taiwan the Asus X series for Eee PC. Its the more affordable netbooks of Asus to raise the bars again in the netbook market.

Asus Eee PC X101

X101 Front 

 The Asus X101 is the thinnest netbook yet, at only 17.6mm thin and 920grams its definitely one unique netbook. For its size and weight, Asus aims to target the cloud computing people out there that needs to be always on the go and in need of a portable powerhouse. 

Asus Eee PC X101H

X101H Front 
The X101H on the other side is just like a standard netbook but with the shape same as the X101, the shape is inspired from a wing of an Air Plane. Taken its contemporary design the X101H takes more on an aggressive look as a netbook, showing of its thinness (22mm). Given the main difference is that the X101H has an D-Sub port, RJ-45 Connector and SD Card slot instead of the MicroSD on the X101 its typically a normal netbook. 

Left and Right Side of X101

Left and Right Side of X101H

Side by Side Comparison

Aside from the additional ports, the main difference between the X101 and X101H are the physical traits such as the X101H has the standard chiclet keyboards of 6 rows, while on the X101 it only has 5 rows, where the "Fn" keys are integrated in the 1-0 row. Also the touchpad changed for the X101H which is similar from a regular netbook. 

Both are powered by Intel N455 Atom Processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, but the change is in their memory storage where the X101 has the ultra fast 8GB SSD for files. I know you will say "8GB lang?" the fact that its SSD its a big advantage in speed especially if you want to boot it to Windows 7 if ever. There is a MicroSD slot for expansion of storage space so I think this is more than enough for sharing simple files. Again this netbook targets cloud computing people not file junkie peoples out there.On The X101H has a standard 2.5" 250GB SATA for files that is just right for a netbook. 

Both units are Powered by Intel MeeGo OS, its an open source operating system that aims people for simplicity yet productivity.  Unlike other open source OS that is quite familiar to windows layout, the MeeGo OS stands out by just simply having a status bar on the top, where all of the needed icons are already there and can be customized with a few simple clicks.  

Home Screen with Twitter Integrated

Internet Browser is Google Chrome

People Tab : Where you can customize priority who you want to see from your SNS
Applications Tab with Open Office Pre-Loaded

Overall MeeGo is an alternative to those who just want to surf and be integrated with their favorite Social Networking Sites. Of course productivity can be done as applications such as Open Office is pre-installed in the OS. 

As Asus introduced the X101, it aims to bring back the life of the netbook market as tablets are slowly eating the share. By capturing the people who needs a portable powerhouse that will not break their bank, the SRP for the two devices are Php9,995 for the X101 and Php10,995 for the X101H, with these low prices which are currently the cheapest yet for a netbook I guess Asus will get the netbook market a shake-up once again.

Probably with this move, other manufacturers will scramble again to produce their own version as well in the near futures. Just like what happened back in 2007 when Asus Introduced the Netbook for the 1st time :) 


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